Mad Dog Knives 3/16″ Voodoo Hound w/VVTL, ATAK & Slip Sheaths

This is one of the nicest 3/16″ Voodoo Hounds that we have seen, its a beauty. New/mint and perfect & comes with ATAK & Slip Sheaths.

Price: $4,250.00

Mad Dog Knives ATAK w/Combat Finish, ATAK & Slip Sheaths

The Mad Dog ATAK, the knife that all others are judged by, a timeless design…This particular knife is new, mint/perfect and comes with ATAK & Slip sheaths.

Price: $3,950.00

Mad Dog Knives Voodoo Frog #007 w/VVTL, ATAK & Slip Sheaths

Designed by Mad Dog with input from a US Navy SEAL, the Voodoo Frog is awesome knife and no longer made. If you are a serious Mad Dog Knives collector, this knife is a must have as there are not many in existence. Only the first 10 knives of any new Mad Dog Knife design are serial numbered, this knife is one of those… #007. This knife is new, mint and perfect.

Price: $6,950.00

Mad Dog Knives “Birthday” Warlock w/GTL, ATAK, Slip & Dundee Sheaths

This knife is a very special Warlock. Back in 2010, Mad Dog wanted to make himself a very special Warlock for his birthday. He commemorated this event by marking the blade “Mad Dog” “07/02/2010”. As you would expect, Mad Dog made this knife as perfect as he possibly could and it turned out beautifully as it is the best example of a Warlock that I have ever seen. This knife is new and perfect in every way featuring a Glowing Temper Line blade finish, ATAK, Slip and Dundee sheaths.

Price: $7,950.00


Mad Dog Knives “B Series” ATAK MK2 #B11 w/ATAK Sheath

Mad Dog “B Series” ATAK MK2’s are the rarest of all of the Military SEAL ATAK’s with only about 20 total knives produced. These knives were the last design and marking change requested and ordered by the United States Navy SEAL’s before the end of Mad Dog’s contract. The Navy SEAL’s noticed the outstanding rope cutting ability of the DSU2 knife that Mad Dog had developed for the Navy’s Deep Submergence Unit. The SEAL’s concluded that a small section of serrations added to the primary cutting edge of the original SEAL ATAK design along with a standard hard chrome blade finish would better meet their requirements thus the “B-Series” ATAK MK2 design was born. This design was also used by Steven Seagal in his movie titled “Under Siege II”. This particular knife has been used some but is in excellent condition and has the correct matching Kydex sheath. Price is $19,995.00 or best offer + shipping. Email if interested:



Mad Dog Knives 2014 SEAL ATAK w/GTL, ATAK & Slip Sheaths

6 SEAL ATAK’s were produced in 2014, 2 with mirror polished blade finish and 4 knives with GTL blade finish. These knives represent years of experience and exceptional craftsmanship from Mad Dog, to say these are outstanding would be an understatement. I will let the pictures do the talking but I think you will agree. $14,995.00 or best offer + shipping. Email if interested:

Mad Dog Knives 2013 SEAL ATAK w/GTL, ATAK & Slip Sheaths

There were a total of 6-2013 SEAL ATAK’s produced, 5 of the knives featured a Glowing Temper Line finish and 1 of the knives featured a Mirror Polished blade. The 2013 SEAL ATAK’s had somewhat of a retro look but also incorporated the latest Mad Dog Knives techniques and finishes. A couple of key features that make the 2013 SEAL ATAK’s unique are the 16 point 3/16″ file work and small eyebrow clip point blades reminiscent of the very early Mad Dog SEAL ATAK’s. These super grade Mad Dog 2013 SEAL ATAK’s are the absolute finest representation of Mad Dog’s efforts in knife making craftsmanship, they are quite simply incredible. This particular piece is perfect and outstanding. Price is $14,995.00 or best offer + Shipping. Email if interested:

Mad Dog Knives 2012 SEAL ATAK w/GTL, ATAK & Slip Sheaths

2012 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Mad Dog Knives SEAL ATAK. 4 Mad Dog SEAL ATAK knives were produced to commemorate this event. This particular knife is one of only 2 knives that were crafted with Mad Dog’s outstanding GTL (Glowing Temper Line) blade finish and it is absolutley superb. Here is a quote from Mad Dog about the 20th Anniversary 2012 SEAL ATAK.

“I can say without reservation that these are the most perfect ATAKs that I have ever made. Whomsoever obtains them will have my very best efforts in their collection. For me, the SEAL ATAK is the “Ur Quel” of my basic design ethos, and the ATAK is the hub of the wheel from whence all other designs have flowed along the spokes of various degrees of specialization over the last 20 years. That says a lot about it, but also know that these particular ATAKs have a special meaning for me. They are the examples selected to be the 20th Anniversary ATAKs, and there are only four of them on the entire planet. These 2012 SEAL ATAKs are the best of my best…. and I dare say that’s pretty damned good!” ~Mad Dog

Price is $14,995.00 or best offer + shipping. Email if interested:

Mad Dog Knives 2011 SEAL ATAK w/GTL, ATAK & Slip Sheaths

In 2011 4 of these spectacular knives were crafted by Mad Dog, only 2 of the 4 knives featured the  outstanding GTL (Glowing Temper Line) blade finish. This is the finest example of all 4 of the knives produced and comes from my personal collection, simply outstanding. $14,995.00 or best offer + shipping. Email if interested:


Mad Dog Knives ATAK Prototype #001 Sharpener

This one of a kind Mad Dog Knives ATAK #001 Prototype sharpener was built for and owned by the original Navy SEAL Commander in charge of the knife trials back in the early 90’s that won Mad Dog his contract with the USN. This knife sharpener was designed to be a lightweight/tough compact, portable sharpener that the SEALs could carry along with them to sharpen their Mad Dog SEAL ATAK knives with. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only one in existence.

Price: $2,950.00


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