Mad Dog Knives SEAL ATAK-Sterile Blade “No Return Address”

Mad Dog Knives SEAL ATAK with sterile blade aka “No Return Address”. This particular knife was made for an ex-Army SWAT police officer who trained with Delta Force back in the early 90’s. Occasionally upon special request, Mad Dog made sterile/unmarked ATAK’s with “No Return Address” for operators doing work in questionable places around the globe. These unmarked ATAK’s are extremely rare and this one is in new condition other than the normal sheath marks in the black coating. The sheath has a special inscription for the original owner from Mad Dog that you can read in the photos. A great opportunity to own a mint condition sterile Mad Dog Knives SEAL ATAK at a great price.

Price: $12,995.00

Mad Dog Knives “C Series” ATAK #C130 w/ATAK Sheath

Mad Dog Knives “C Series” ATAK #C130 with ATAK Sheath. Approximately 200 “C Series” ATAKs were produced in 1994 starting at serial # C100- C300. About half of the C Series ATAK’s had black blades (Kalgard over hard chrome) & the other half had standard chrome blades. Some of these knives had various special logos like the “Columbian Presidential Seal” & others were simply marked with ”CXXX”. Some C series ATAK serial numbers were hand engraved on the ricasso while others were marked on the spine.

Mad Dog quote: ”The C series were ordered by the US State Dept. for shipment to the US Embassy in Colombia, where they were subsequently distributed to the Colombian Presidential Guard and some Colombian SF Operatives involved in narcotics interdiction and counterinsurgency. Evidently some few of them were retained by Embassy staffers there, a few of which have made it back to the States and subsequently into the aftermarket.”

C Series ATAK’s are extremely rare and you hardly ever see one for sale. This C Series ATAK has a very unique serial number and is what I consider new/mint condition. The blade does have a couple of very minor small marks in the black coating that were probably made during the sheath making process, they are so minor that they are hard to see in the photographs. The matching Kydex sheath is in new/mint condition.

Price: $7,995.00


Mad Dog Knives ATAK 2 w/Combat Finish, ATAK & Slip Sheaths

Mad Dog Knives ATAK 2 w/Combat Finish, ATAK & Slip Sheaths. This knife is brand new and as perfect as they get, this ATAK 2 would compliment any collection, it a beauty!

Price: $4,250.00

Mad Dog Knives ATAK 2 w/Combat Finish & ATAK Sheath (2nd hand)

Mad Dog Knives ATAK 2 w/Combat Finish & ATAK Sheath (2nd hand). This knife was carried in a patrol bag by a law enforcement officer and has some surface marks on the hard chrome from taking it in and out of the sheath and possibly some extremely light use. Edge is razor sharp & sheath is in excellent condition.This is a great user grade modern day Mad Dog ATAK 2 that has barely been broke in. This knife comes with the original ATAK Combat Sheath and a Maxpedition JMD Embroidered Digital Camo Razorshell soft case.

Price: $2,895.00



Mad Dog Knives Early 90’s Etched ATAK 2 (2nd Hand) w/ATAK Sheath

Mad Dog Knives Early 90’s Etched ATAK 2 (2nd Hand) w/ATAK Sheath. This knife has been used but not abused, the hard chrome has surface marks and there is some black paint looking stuff on the chrome. The edge has been brought back to razor sharp so its ready for duty again. If you are looking for a good user grade ATAK 2 with a few miles on it for a great price, this is it. Comes complete with original ATAK sheath that was originally marked “ATAK 2” by Mad Dog and then at some point “NAVS” way inscribed by a previous owner, not sure what that means, but its there. I will also include a Maxpedition Large JMD embroidered Razorshell Digital Camo zippered soft case.

Price: $1,495.00

Mad Dog Knives ATAK 2 Etched w/Combat Finish & ATAK Sheath

Mad Dog Knives ATAK 2 Etched w/Combat Finish & ATAK Sheath. This knife is a mid 90’s vintage ATAK 2 with “Mad Dog” stencil etched into the blade in small block letters. This knife was previously owned by a collector and was stashed away in a safe for years, it is in new/excellent condition other than some slight wear on the sheath rivets.

Price: $3,495.00

Mad Dog Knives Raven Axe w/Composite Handle

Mad Dog Knives Raven Axe w/Composite Handle. Very few Mad Dog Axes exist in the world, they are only made when he is inspired to do and each and every one is a unique, individual masterpiece. The Raven Axe is a first article piece that received it’s name from it’s spike that will easily penetrate PASGT helmets and most body armor, the bit will take care of most everything else, this thing is pure beauty….The Raven Axe handle is every bit as custom as the axe head itself and is a pure joy to hold. The composite grip is crafted and is reminiscent of the modern Mad Dog Knives ATAK handle, so for those of you that have handled an ATAK, you can imagine how great this feels in your hand.

Price: $9,995.00

Mad Dog Knives “A” Series ATAK-SBU XI #008

Mad Dog Knives “A” Series ATAK-SBU XI #008.

This is an extremely rare piece that was made for one of the members of the United States Navy Special Boat Unit XI. This SBU XI ATAK is serial #008, the knife and sheath are in absolute mint condition as you can see in the pictures. I posted some information below from pertaining to SBU XI. This knife is for sale and is available by bank wire or certified funds only. This knife is not included in our sale. Price is $19,995.00 + shipping. Please email if interested.


Info on SBU XI from

Special Boat Unit ELEVEN, located at Mare Island, California was established on 1 October 1978, and was charged with maintaining the Navy’s and U.S. Special Operations Command’s expertise In riverine warfare. Originally established as Coastal River Division ELEVEN in June 1972, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN is the proud successor to the Naval Inshore Operations Training Center (NIOTC). From Its base at Mare Island and throughout the sloughs and waterways of the Napa and Sacramento River Deltas, NIOTC trained over 15,000 American and foreign students In riverine warfare between 1966 and 1972. Of the five Special Boat Units now In the Navy, only Special Boat Unit ELEVEN and Special Boat Unit TWENTY-TWO, located In New Orleans, Louisiana, continue to exclusively train for riverine warfare. This type of warfare requires the use of heavily armed, shallow draft, high speed boats capable of Interdicting, pursuing and striking the enemy In his camps located along the coastal bays, Inland rivers and waterways.

Since March 1988, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN has reported operationally to the U.S. Special Operations Command and its naval component: Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command. Special Boat Unit ELEVEN is a subordinate unit of Commander, Special Boat Squadron ONE. In addition, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN liaisons with Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region TWENTY. TWO and Commander Naval Surface Reserve Force for reserve matters.

Until recently, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN operated and maintained over 24 craft manned and supported by 150 active and selected reserve personnel, making Special Boat Unit Eleven the largest Naval Special Warfare Naval Reserve Force command. Using the “ONE NAVY CONCEPT,” these active and reserve sailors trained, operated and deployed together.

Responsible for the Pacific and Southwest Asian operational theaters, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN routinely conducted advanced training deployments to Thailand and recently conducted the first Navy to Navy training in the Kingdom of Cambodia In over twenty-two years. Additionally, SPECIAL BOAT UNIT ELEVEN provided disaster relief In 1986 by rescuing and evacuating citizens of the flooded Russian River Valley. Beginning in August 1987, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN supported Operation EARNEST WILL by providing a total of eight PBR Detachments until its conclusion In August 1989.

Following the devastating Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN provided two weeks of around- the-clock water taxi service to over 2,900 military and civilian personnel between Naval Station Treasure Island and Naval Supply Center Oakland. During Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM, from 1990 to 1991, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN mobilized reserves to provide 24-hour waterborne security to vital munitions loading operations at Concord Naval Weapons Station. Each spring from 1985-1995, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN provided training and orientation in Riverine Warfare to over 50 total foreign naval officers as part of the International Riverine and Coastal Operations course. Each October, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN participated in San Francisco’s Fleet Week festivities and performed numerous demonstrations at many other local, civic and military celebrations throughout the year.

With the disestablishment of Special Boat Unit ELEVEN the title of The “Brown
Water Navy “lives on with its sister unit, Special Boat Unit TWENTY-TWO.

Mad Dog Knives Patriot Hawk

Mad Dog Knives Patriot Hawk. This is a rare opportunity to own a Mad Dog Patriot Tomahawk out of a total production of about 25. These hawks are light fast and beautiful! The heads were cut from annealed 1085 High Carbon Tool steel forgings, then ground, hardened and tempered. The handle is seasoned Hickory that was sanded, stained, wedged and epoxied to the Axe head. The handles can be replaced with a long hammer handle if necessary. The head colors vary slightly from due to the tempering process but are generally a matte blue/black. I have a few of these available and since each Hawk head is hand ground and individually tempered, they will vary slightly in color, appearance and handle grain from the one pictured but are generally similar in appearance.

Price: $2,995.00

Mad Dog “F” Series ATAK 2 #F101 w/Matching ATAK Combat Sheath

Mad Dog Knives “F” Series ATAK 2 #F101 with matching ATAK Combat sheath. This is an extremely rare Mad Dog ATAK 2, I actually have never seen another F Series knife other than this one, it could be a one of a kind. Both the Mad Dog ATAK 2 and matching sheath are in pristine condition.

Price: $6,495.00


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