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General Mad Dog Knife features:

All Mad Dog Knives are hand made by Kevin “Mad Dog” McClung. Mad Dog Knives are respected and sought after by Warriors and Sportsmen around the world. Their amazing cutting ability, durability, user oriented design details and superb craftsmanship set them well apart from the mediocre mainstream cutlery choking the industry today. Nothing out cuts a Mad Dog!

Mad Dog Knives should not be confused with factory or machine made knives. Mad Dog Knives are individually hand made in Arizona utilizing all American made materials. Each Mad Dog knife is entirely hand ground and hand finished by the maker himself, so production is extremely limited. Mad Dog blades are crafted from Precision Marshall brand steel, AISI 01 alloy, Made in Chicago, USA. Mad Dog utilizes a full flat grind on all blades for maximum cutting efficiency, and a hidden full tang for tremendous strength and perfect balance. Using proprietary techniques, Mad Dog Knives are expertly hardened and selective tempered in house with Mad Dog’s tried and true recipe: HRc 62-63 at the edge, HRc 50-54 at the spine, tip and tang. This unique selective tempering provides superior edge holding with exceptional durability. All surfaces of the blade and tang are completely hard chromed to provide a hard, durable finish with excellent corrosion resistance. Since the cutting edges are final sharpened after the hard chrome process, minor maintenance must be performed by the owner to prevent corrosion of the exposed steel at the edge. Standard markings on newer Mad Dog Knives are hand signed “Mad Dog” on the right side of the ricasso just ahead of the guard. Numbered knives will be marked with a serial number, such as “#xxx” under the Mad Dog Signature. One of a kind and first article #001 pieces may also feature the name of the knife model. The Mad Dog grip is a proprietary glass/epoxy composite, compression bonded to the hidden full tang. The aerospace grade composite grip material is capable of withstanding 300 Degrees F continuous and has a 79,000 psi compressive yield strength. The composite grip material provides 1,000 volts per mil dielectric strength, electrically isolating the user from the blade. The unique Mad Dog hand shaped composite grip ergonomically indexes the knife in the users hand, letting the user know how the blade is oriented, even in complete darkness. Mad Dog® composite grips can withstand tremendous punishment and are also impervious to virtually all chemicals and solvents. Standard Mad Dog sheaths are hand crafted from Kydex® and carefully hand fitted to each individual knife. Mad Dog Knives are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner.

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